Monte Vista​ 


Please take a few moments to fill out this survey so we can better serve you.

Voice of the Community

As a small church in the Conejo Valley, Monte Vista Presbyterian seeks to be prayerful, compassionate and humble (PCH) disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. Being an active part of supporting this community is essential to this role. We can't assume we know the needs so we want to listen to the voice of the community and would like your assistance in gathering input.
We would appreciate your responses to this short survey.
We’re also aware you know other people in this community whom we need to listen to. Would you be willing to ask your family and friends to join you in filling out this survey? We want to get as much input as possible to better serve you and our community. You can do this by having conversations with people you know in the community who are not, currently, part of the Monte Vista congregation.
There are a few ways you can help:
1. Fill out this form for yourself to share your thoughts and input. 
2. Pass this along electronically and ask them to fill out the survey themselves. 
3. Have a simple, casual conversation with friends and neighbors and ask for their input. on these 3 questions. Then fill out this survey for them to pass along the information. 
4. Initiate a simple conversation with community leaders (school counselors, city government, non-profit organizations, etc) to get their insights on the questions plus the fourth organizational question. Then fill out this survey for them to pass along the information. Thank you for helping us improve how we serve the Conejo Valley and surrounding communities.